Our Work

HWB Victoria - a network devoted to providing compassionate holistic care to communities and countries in need impacted by natural disasters, violent conflicts, poverty, trauma and other access barriers to health and wellness.

Millions of people are systematically neglected or excluded from conventional health care.  HWB  believes in creating innovative holistic health grassroots projects such as PEOPLES CLINICS and STREET MEDIC PROJECTS to link people with accessible natural and botanical medicine that is localized and sustainable. 

Emerging Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) methods of health, wellness, recovery and resiliency are surfacing as effective options for victims and survivors of domestic abuse, rape, violent crime, war and other tragic experiences.  These innovative CAM modalities are health pathways that Herbalists Without Borders International promotes through various models of our Trauma Trainings.​ 

When we think about the problems currently facing society, it is easy to become overwhelmed and disempowered. Creating community gardens that bring back the wild foods of the local habitat (herbs, mushrooms, berries, and nuts) and weaving them with the fruits and vegetables is a tangible way to be a part of the solution.

Herbalists Without Borders is passionate about saving and sustaining our native medicinals and wants to teach others how to preserve seeds and propagate medicinal plants. While we believe that food is a primary source of medicine, HWB also wants to promote Seed Saving models that include medicinal plants.  

Herbalists Without Borders Community Herbal Apothecary Project promotes community grassroots, cost-effective, plant-based health and wellness that is accessible to all people. There is a strong need for sustainable, readily accessible herbs and herbal products at any given time, from prevention to times of community emergencies. Continue Reading

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