The Quality Of Life Survey (QOLS) project is being run via HWB Melbourne. 

The QOLS project was founded in 2009 in Melbourne. The website seved as a forum for the collation, deliberation and diissemination of QOLS. Building a large archive of QOL related materials and a database of results. Over time the project dissolved due to lack of resources. 

HWB Melbourne is adopting the project framework; albeit without historial data, to re-establish and develop the QOLS program. 

Partnership and support from individuals and organisations is sought and welcomed.  

For example: 

QOLS will promote the use of QOL materials, aid and support adopters/ who are delivering QOLs to client in selection of the best QOL for their field; will seek peer review and consensus on QOLs, distribute and collate, provide privacy framework and security.

Our online services, growing archive of resources, collation of data, communication, policy framework and general management are all areas where 

Data will not be monetised or sold. A security, data and privacy policy will be informed by the working panel, adopters, industry experts an/ord third party advice.