International Borderless Medicine

International Borderless Medicine

​Volunteer herbal health care exchanges & opportunities in botanical medicine, from Africa to Belize and other regions of the world to study and serve within realms of natural medicine & the preservation of indigenous plants and healing wisdom. 

HWB International Borderless Medicine Programs

Herbalists Without Borders provides volunteer health justice and humanitarian aid to thousands of people in more than 20 countries with multiple chapters in some of those countries. Health, wellness and compassionate care are served by our volunteers in regions where there are either natural or human-induced crisis or disaster. Examples of such care during the past decade include Herbal Medic Support for First Nations People and the Water Protectors in North Dakota (U.S.), victims and survivors of the earthquakes in Nepal and hurricanes in Haiti.  Helping people when there is political upheaval and subsequent violence or displacement is also part of our global volunteerism. An example of this is happening with our HWB chapters is the United Kingdom and Greece where refugees from Syria and other nations are being assisted. Herbalists Without Borders also assists global people facing discrimination, oppression and other barriers to accessing health and wellness. HWB does not impose care upon countries or cultures of people, we go when invited and typically encourage residents of countries to organize and start an HWB Chapter in their region. Cultural autonomy, preservation of healing traditions, indigenous plants and healers are priorities for Herbalists Without Borders.

Where We Volunteer

Visit our interactive map to learn where 72 Herbalists Without Borders global chapters and projects are located

Frontline Global News

Each quarter we feature the unique volunteerism of one of our global HWB Chapters.  This month we are featuring the Corfu, Greece Chapter.

Cross Cultural Delegations

Every year or two, we work to co-host a cross cultural medicine exchange or health delegation to a country that HWB is invited to engage with. To read an interview about the HWB 2016 delegation, Women in Cuba:  Herbalism, Health Care & Sustainable Agriculture. Keep an eye out on the blog for a recap of our Cuba trip.

HWB Vision and Values

​ Our Primary Values 

  • HWB believes that health and wellness are human rights, not privileges
  • HWB recognizes many global citizens lack access to primary health and wellness due to economic hardship and other barriers
  • HWB promotes health justice and oppression free local and global wellness practices
  • HWB engages in volunteer efforts focused primarily on natural and botanical health and wellness solutions via education, prevention, empowerment, grassroots advocacy and organizing
  • HWB builds a renewed consciousness about conditions created by dominant social and economic institutions that impact all human beings; emphasizing the roles of traditional herbalists and healers who live and work within those systems often experiencing social stigma, pressure, devalued status and sub-standard wages for vital services they provide
  • HWB believes that poverty is inherently violent in nature and health services must be accessible and affordable
  • HWB embraces non-violence, social justice, health and wellness as means to transform cultural and global trauma and violence
  • HWB creates and promotes inter-cultural herbal health education, herbal borderless medicine exchanges and actions via local to global chapters
  • HWB promotes the protection and preservation of indigenous herbs and healers, including intellectual property rights that honor and respect the wisdom of both traditional plants and healers globally; regenerating valuable traditional healing wisdom and practices that have been negated, oppressed, misused or extinguished


  • HWB educates the public about growing and eating of traditional local healthful natural foods and herbs; relearning and recollecting of everyday traditional cultural healing lifestyles


  • HWB supports equitable, sustainable, community-based, fair trade practices pertaining to foods, herbs and botanical products


  • HWB embraces grassroots empowerment models and actions, encouraging local people to utilize their own unique community resources to create accessible peoples' natural medicine clinics and other innovative holistic model projects


  • HWB promotes sharing of holistic health and wellness resources and open source information that will assist all people and practitioners


  • HWB believes in building foundations of honesty, trust, openness, compassion and collaboration within holistic health and wellness realms


  • HWB assists herbalists and other healers with continuous training, education, technical assistance and resources


  • HWB believes in creating alternative natural medicine solutions that individuals, communities and countries may begin implementing NOW

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HWB is a small, grassroots nonprofit that relies on community support and donations to help us achieve our goals and to support community herbalism and holistic wellness disaster relief in communities. Providing funding is a direct way to support HWB projects & enables us to channel funds as needed. We also welcome donations of herbal first aid supplies, extracts, dried herbs, and more to help us get down to the ground green medicine to the people.