Online Dispensary


Until we have a physical-premises to house our dispensary our stock will be managed online.

Practitioners will be able to login and create a script for their clients.

Prices are on a sliding scale. Starting at FREE. Voluntary donations are always welcome with any remedy (if the means exist to do so).

Pick-up of remedies (by clients) is available. But please appreciate opening hours will vary depending on where the remedies are stored. (e.g. in a HWB-member clinic).

Shipping: can be arranged. This will be paid for by the Client. It is a very reasonable fee considering the free-remedy service. For low income clients we can try to create a fund to support delivery of remedies, have them despatched from regional HWB-chapters, or via one of our affiliate groups premises.

Some items are paid only – this is for helping to reduce economic burden on clients who are taking regular supplement. OR require very specific remedies that are not currently stocked by our dispensary. These items come at a highly reduced (wholesale) price. The price covers the item costs only; no mark-up is applied.

  • Do you have a client who cannot afford remedies? When the barrier to health is financial = we can find alternate strategies.

How can you help?

  • Become a member of HWB!
  • Donate products to the dispensary – remedies, bottles, labels

Register your clinic as an HWB-Member Clinic & receive our client referrals; provide free consultations. Talk with us to find out more, we can help you to establish the amount of time that you can commit – it could be an hour per week, a day per month, one day per year…it is up to you. Anything you can offer helps!

Join the team – bring your ideas, passion and skills to HWB! organise events, provide treatments, help with fund-raising, facilitate community forums, create networks…there are many ways to contribute and enact the HWB mission.  Your contributions are welcome. We are an inclusive, grassroots, community-based organisation and welcome all peoples to participate. 

+ Requirements: the online dispensary needs donations of BOTTLES, LABELS, PRODUCTS.

Support the HWB-dispensary
  • ÝOU CAN SUPPORT A GOOD CAUSE – Donations of herbs, supplements and remedies are welcome